17th-19th November 2016

Mardon Hall

“He’s got zero empathy. You could be having a conversation and start choking to death and he’d just think, ‘Well, this conversation’s over.’ He’d probably just sit there and finish eating whatever you were choking on.”An inexperienced teacher is given the job of saving a disturbed and violent fourteen-year-old boy from permanent exclusion. Alone in the classroom, an intense battle of wills takes place. But what can be done when a child cares for no one and is afraid of nothing?

Directed by: Alice Austin & Nicole Moran

Cast: James Bowen, Jacob crossley, Gussy Hydleman, Malusa Kilonda

Crew: Anna Lennon Tarver, Emily Powell, Harry Greenwood, Constance Choi, Jacob Blackburn, Eden Hastings, Amelia Smith, Lorna Hemingway, Erin Blackmore

Review: Monster