20th-23rd January 2016

Exeter Northcott

Set in 1980s New York the play follows the intertwining lives of Louis and his boyfriend Prior, as well as Joe and his agoraphobic wife, Harper. When Prior is diagnosed with AIDS, Louis struggles to come to terms with his mortality and meets Joe, who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time. As they are forced to confront the hardships of the emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic, as well as mental health issues, the play confronts the difficult relationship between love and guilt.

Cast: Ollie McLellen, Henry Smith, Sophy Dexter, Nick Cope, Jason Pallari, Harry Gaff, Will Jones, Danny Baker, Olly Roy, Jake Floyd Hasselbaink, Corin Vafidis, Calum Wragg-Smith, Jessica Bank, Alys Morgan Pearce, Katherine Stevens, Carrigan Rosamond

Crew: Caroline Lang, Isobel Knight, Helen Callaghan, Eleanor Davies, Sarah Sharp, Maya de Freitas, Will Surridge, Heather Robbins, Eva Carroll, Sophie Messem, Harry Voge, Seb Clarkson, Rowan Keith, Suzie Brewis, Vivienne Salter, Shraddha Chaundhary, Josh Hall, Harry Bowley, Isabella Hobbs, Samantha Simpson, Laura Clee, Georgia Lang

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Photo credits: Harry Bowley